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San Francisco

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City of Fog

City of Fog
The sunset I saw last night must have been the most epic sunset I have ever seen. To top off all the color, we had low fog and high clouds. I can't tell you how many times I have dreamed of this shot. There was too much color! I ran into +David Yu up there who I am sure will be posting some epicness later. I dedicate this photo for Mothers Day!

If anyone wants a sneak peak at a couple timelapses I got here password is "test" Note ,first scene is a bit fast and will fix it all up after my week of finals. Just thought I'd share this epicness!

*Note: If you end up going to this spot be careful and if you feel bad vibes, leave and go to a lower or higher spot. A local photographer friend went here this morning and luckily left the spot cause of bad vibes and went lower. 5 minutes after he left he heard gun shots and a guy was killed. Just be careful as it's not like the typical touristy spots around the Golden Gate Bridge.

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