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Seascape Photography

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The ARC Gloria

*The ARC Gloria*
I was just sitting, shooting surf and the awesome swells that all the surfers where drooling over. Too my right the sun rays blasting through the clouds had me drooling though. To my left a rainbow even started forming. So many things were were going on I needed 4 cameras and 4 clones of me to get it all haha.

What had me really focused was this ship out at sea. The way the light was hitting it, was just perfect. I knew right as I took it, it woudl make a perfect black & white. So here it is! I later found out this ship was the ARC Gloria, a Colombian Navy training ship, a three-masted sailing vessel and is the pride of Colombia’s Navy and was in Hawaii for a three-day stay. Glad I was there to get it!

I originally only rented a water housing from Hawaii Photo Rental but ended up getting a 2x extender for my 70-200mm. It certainly came in handy, more then housing surprisingly!

This is one shot.
Canon 70-200mm f/4 L (298mm with extender)
1/250 second
ISO 160

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