Toby Harriman is a photographer, adventure seeker and designer currently based out of San Francisco, California. He studies Web Design & New Media at the Academy of Art University and will soon be graduating with an AA degree. When he got to San Francisco in fall of 2009 he discovered a passion for photography. So when he’s not in front of a screen doing homework he is behind the lens every chance he gets. His photography has earned him clients and recognition from Coors Light, Behance,, CNBC, Picasa, Google+, 500px, GoPro, Jalopnik, Plus One Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine and Induro; as well as in depth interviews with ,TIA International and a feature as photographer of the month with Wandering Educators. Born in Colorado, he grew up with a love for the mountains and being active all the time. Whether he was skiing, playing hockey or playing a round of golf, he was always out and about. In 2006 Toby left Aspen to go to boarding school in New Hampshire. From there he quickly new he wanted to attend art school for college and that’s when he ended up in San Francisco. Now after a few years of Web Design he has realized his true passion is photography. So instead of pursuing a BFA he will be getting out early with an AA so he can drive around the country timelapsing and taking on photography full time. While he plans on mainly specializing in photography he also co-founded Visual Den in 2012, a collective of young artists and marketing professionals who have united their skill sets under one entity to form a cutting edge content marketing firm. A current goal for Visual Den is to buy a bus and become a company running fully on the road out of a bus. You can email Toby for any image licensing inquiries, freelance assignments or you can purchase prints from my online store. He always plans to offer private and group photography workshops as well as provide tutorials and reviews on my blog.
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