San Francisco - Toby Harriman

San Francisco

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*Riding Through The Light*
This is one of those moments you see and try to react really quickly. It happened twice while I was on Pier 7. A biker came through, and I instantly knew I need a shot of him riding down the center, getting lit by the lights. The first one came through and I wasn't ready and go a blown out shot because of the wrong settings. Then a second one came through, the security guy. I said screw it and flipped the Auto switch on, snap, snap, snap. I got what I wanted.

It took the shot at 12,800 ISO. Thanks to the Canon 5D MK III, its not as noisy as I thought I would be. 1/30 second at f/4.

20125D MK IIINightbackgroundbikercanoncitydarkhigh ISOin teh lightindurolightspeacefulphotographypicturespierpier 7pyramidscenicskylinestreetsymetrytoby harrimantransamericatripodKO9A0863