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The Secret Service Approach
Well I didn't shoot the Zakim Bridge as much as I would have liked. I had so many spots I wanted to get it was hard to hit them all at the right time. There is one spot I really wanted to get but it might have to wait until I can pay my way to it!

So we wandered around the area for a bit trying to get the perfect spot. For a while I just wasn't happy with any angle that we came to. Finally we saw this parking garage and had to get to the top of it. So we walk in, went up the stairs to the top deck and found this pretty awesome view. It had a ledge, so I just spread the tripod legs and put it over the ledge and it held up nicely. I started taking some bracketed shots and then did a timelapse for the rest of it.

Down on the street we noticed this couple which were on a run and all geared up for it. The kept looking up at us though, like something was up. My tripod did look a bit odd the way I had it clawed around the ledge. But it's just a camera with some filters on it. It looked like the women runner was trying to get into the building or something. I figured she had to go pee. But she comes back out and they continue to stand around glancing up at me. Then a women who worked in building walks out leaving work, but always gives us that weird look. As I am continuing my timelapse, I turn around and see this giant secret service looking guy walking at us. I thought to myself, "this guy definitely doesn't work for the parking garage!" He was all decked out, ear piece and suit. Then he asks me if we are with the press, and I reply that I am just shooting the sunset. Simply said, he says thats all he needs to know and leaves. I have more trouble at public buildings, and this was Secret Service, hummm.

That is when were started questions about what building is across from us. So my buddy googled the address and found out it was Mitt Romney's Sponsorship Headquarters, haha, that explains it all. And I am pretty sure the runners where undercover and just circle near by all day. Who knows!

Well that is my little story behind this shot. Hope you enjoy.

This is one shot
Canon 5D MK III
Canon 17-40mm f/4 L
Induro CT214 Tripod
ISO 50
1/20 Second
LEE .9 ND Soft Graduated Filter

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