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Aurora Trails - Sparks Lake, Oregon

After seeing so many incredible images yesterday from the Aurora, I decided to take a little trip, a 18 hour trip that is!

It was 1pm when I decided to go and was out the door by 2pm and on my way to Sparks Lake, Oregon. I definitely didn't plan to well, not that I had to much time to. Service wasn't great at all. When I got there I wasn't exactly sure where to go, so I took a road around the lake trying to find this shot. I got lucky and drove right to it, all at around 9:30pm. I got some shots just before it got really dark and then started to timelapse for a bit. I think I was a night late on the Aurora though. At least from the pictures I saw from the night before I was. I still got some pinks though. But not much you could see with the naked eye. But all the color was pretty much gone by midnight anyways. I am glad I got there when I did or I would have missed it all.

I drove around to get some Milky Way reflections and then decided I got what I came for. Sleep in my car or drive was my question? 1:30am and I decided to hit the road. I was hoping to get somewhere interesting by sunset, maybe I should have stayed and got sunset at the lake :) Next time! But I was around Shasta Lake in Redding, CA for sunset and blue hour. And during blue hour it looked so surreal from the road. I took about 4 different exits, drove back and fourth and down all these random roads looking for somewhere to get a shot. I couldn't find anything at least not before the sun came up. So in disappointment I drove the rest of the way home and was in bed by 9am. That sure was a fun, quick little trip! Definitely will be doing more of these :)

Canon 5D MK III
Canon 17-40mm f/4 L
ISO 320
907 Seconds

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