65 Chevy

First off, I need to thank my buddy Griffin Moon, for making this series happen. Griffin is an awesome local photographer, who shoots a ton around the Bay Area and now Tahoe. Our paths never seemed to cross while out chasing sunsets and foggy evenings. I am sure there were many times though, where we were only a few hundred yards away from each other, shooting the same thing. Only to find to later when we both post similar shots online! A few weeks ago we were talking online and decided to finally meet up for sunset up on Mount Tamalpais State Park. I knew from facebook he had this beautiful Chevrolet truck, so I asked him to bring it if possible. Been itching to shoot this shoot a truck and scene like this for a while. I had no idea he had an American Bulldog though and when we got up there he put his dog, Moose in the back. These are situation photographers get really excited for, well at least I do. So enjoy the series and thanks Griffin!

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